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Fast Track to Java Programming

Seminar Description

Fast Track to Java Programming is a fast paced five-day, comprehensive hands-on workshop is geared for developers who have had prior programming experience, but little or no prior exposure to object-oriented programming languages. This workshop provides and extensive overview of Object -Oriented technologies and their relation to Java.

This is not an "exposure" class - we ensure that you will leave ready to program intermediate-level, Java applications using object-oriented programs in Java, using sound development techniques. This workshop has successfully provided COBOL, C and mainframe developers the skills needed to program Java.

Students who attend Fast Track to Java Programming will leave the course armed with the skills they require to develop solid object-oriented applications written in Java, using sound coding techniques and best coding practices. Working in a hands-on environment, developers will:

Who Should Attend

- Developers needing to become productive in Java immediately
- Programmers who want to learn Java and Object Oriented Programming
- Technical managers who need a thorough understanding of Java


Ideally students should have a minimum of six months' experience with a procedural language (i.e., C, Cobol, Fortran)

Jackson-Reed's Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using the UML course would be a natural follow-on or precursor to this course.

Seminar Length

5 days (hands-on,  requires computers at offering location)

Seminar Outline 

Day 1
  • Java Overview
  • Java's "Hello World" Program
  • Basic Java concepts and syntax (as needed)
  • Flow of Control (as needed)
  • The Object Model
  • Classes and Data Members
  • Object References and Creating Objects
  • Hello World: A Simple Application
  • Basic Java Language Exercises (if needed)
  • Defining and Using Classes and Objects
  • Instance Variables
  • Day 2
    • Methods, Method Overloading
    • Access Protection, public and private Access
    • Constructors and Initialization
    • Garbage Collection, the finalize() Method
    • Static Class Members
    • String and StringBuffer
    • Arrays
    • Packages, import and package Statements, Required Directory Structure
    • Composition, Inheritance and Polymorphism


  • Using Methods, Constructors & Static Members in Classes
  • Using Packages to Organize Code
  • Using Inheritance to Specialize Classes
  • Day 3
    • Class Object
    • Interfaces and Abstract Classes
    • Exceptions
    • JDBC
    • JDBC basics
      • JDBC Architecture
      • Using JDBC drivers & DriverManager
      • Class Connection and connecting to a database
    Day 3, continued


    • Using Interfaces to Remove Implementation Dependencies
    • Interacting with an existing database using JDBC

    Day 4

    • JDBC (cont.)
      • Class Statement and executing SQL statements
      • Other statement types
      • Driver types
    • I/O Streams ( package)
    • Swing Basics
      • Components and Containers
  • Interacting with an existing database using JDBC
  • Day 5
    • Swing Basics (cont)
      • Windows, Frames and Panels
      • Layout Managers
      • Graphics Contexts and Drawing
      • Event-Driven Programming
    • Supplemental Material - javadoc, jar, java.util basic collections, basic multithreading, applets, basic OO design and design patterns
    • Building a graphical interface for the JDBC data

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