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Rational Rose/XDE: A Visual Modeling Perspective


Rational Rose/XDE: A Visual Modeling Perspective is a hands-on seminar devoted to making the Unified Modeling Language a reality in the organization.  There are many visual modeling tools in the market today however the leader is clearly Rational Software. This course is a natural follow-on to the popular three-day, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using the Unified Modeling Language also offered by Jackson-Reed, Inc. 


Analysts, Designers, and Developers building applications in VB.NET, C#, Java, and/or C++. 


Familiarity with the Unified Modeling Language. Sponsor company must provide training machines and have the most current Rational Rose version properly installed on each. 


1 day  (hands-on,  requires computers and valid licenses for Rose at offering location)


1.       Creating Use Cases

§         System Behavior

§         Actors

§         Use Cases

§         Use Case Relationships

§         Use Case Diagram

2.       Finding Classes

§         State, Behavior, and Identity

§         What Is a Class?

§         Stereotypes and Classes

§         Discovering Classes

§         Documenting Classes

§         Packages

§         Class Diagrams

3.       Discovering Object Interaction

§         Use Case Realization

§         Documenting Scenarios

§         Sequence Diagrams

§         Sequence Diagrams and Boundary Classes

§         Complexity and Sequence Diagrams

§         Collaboration Diagrams

§         Why Are There Two Different Diagrams? 

4.       Specifying Relationships

§         The Need for Relationships

§         Association Relationships

§         Aggregation Relationships

§         Association or Aggregation?

§         Naming Relationships

§         Role Names

§         Multiplicity Indicators

§         Reflexive Relationships

§         Finding Relationships 

5.       Adding Behavior and Structure

§         Representing Behavior and Structure

§         Creating Operations

§         Documenting Operations

§         Relationships and Operation Signatures

§         Creating Attributes

§         Documenting Attributes

§         Displaying Attributes and Operations

§         Association Classes

6.       Discovering Inheritance

§         Inheritance

§         Generalization

§         Specialization

§         Inheritance Trees

§         Single Inheritance versus Multiple

§         Inheritance

§         Inheritance versus Aggregation

7.       Analyzing Object Behavior

§         States

§         State Transitions

§         State Transition Details

8.       Forward and Reverse Engineering

§         From models to code

§         From code to models

§         Round-trip Re-engineering 

9.       Effectively Implementing Rose: A Journeyman’s Experience

§         Using Packages to Organize your Models

§         Version Control: The Importance of Control Units

§         Analysis and Design Models

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