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Fast Track to Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) Programming

Seminar Description

Fast Track to Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) Programming consists of three different levels of information. Besides learning VB.NET from a practical perspective, the attendees will also become very familiar with Microsoft's premier development platform, Visual Studio .NET.

Level 1

Fast Track to Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) Programming allows the attendee to become familiar with the .NET platform, Understand the configuration options in the Visual Studio .NET IDE, Learn about Windows Forms, and Get up to speed on the new Visual Basic syntax. The attendee will learn how to trap Windows Forms Events

Level 2

Attendees will also learn basic object oriented programming techniques, See the latest Windows Forms Controls, Become familiar with the new string and date classes, Learn how to access data using ADO.NET, Understand how to use inheritance and override members, See how VB.NET can access COM components, Work with the new VB.NET debugging features, Understand Error Handling using Exceptions, Learn basic File Input/Output techniques, and Investigate new .NET data structures.

Level 3

Attendees will also learn the role of DataSets in ADO.NET, Understand how to build Windows, Services, Learn how to create Data-Bound application, Build XML Web Services, Understand the role of UDDI, Become familiar with ASP.NET and Server Controls, See how to create, Data-Bound applications, Learn about .NET Security, Understand how to build reports using Crystal Reports, Learn to create powerful MDI applications, and See how to efficiently deploy your VB.NET applications.

Who Should Attend

Developers and Architects


This course has no prerequisites. 

Jackson-Reed's Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using the UML course would be a natural follow-on or precursor to this course.

Seminar Length

5 days for all three levels (hands-on,  requires computers and valid licenses for VS.NET at offering location)

Seminar Outline 

Level 1

Intro to .NET

Working with the Visual Studio .NET IDE

Introduction to Windows Forms

Visual Basic .NET Nuts and Bolts

Taking Advantage of the Windows Form Event Model

Level 2

Classes and Objects

Windows Forms Controls

Inheritance and Interfaces

Working with Strings and Dates

Exception Handling

Debugging Your Applications

Handling Input/Output Tasks

Investigating .NET Data Structures

Accessing Data


Level 3

Creating Data-Bound Applications

Introduction to ASP.NET

Managing Data with ADO.NET DataSets

Creating Windows Services

Creating and Consuming XML Web Services

Data Binding Techniques


Multiple Document Interfaces (MDI) and Graphics (GDI+)


Appendix A: Creating Reports Using Crystal Reports

Appendix B: Deploying Shared Components

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