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Testing with Use Cases and the Rational Unified Process (RUP) 

Testing with Use Cases and the Rational Unified Process is targeted towards staff responsible for testing and certification of software intensive systems using RUP as their software process. While “what” testers do does not change with RUP-based projects, when and how they interact with the project teams does. 

Testing is significant in the RUP process. So much so, that of one of the 9 RUP disciplines (workflows) is Test. This seminar will focus on the role of Quality Assurance in the RUP process. In particular, the Test discipline will be examined in detail. 

The attendees will work together in teams to review use cases with an eye towards using these artifacts to facilitate testing.  

Who Should Attend

Information Technology staff involved in or responsible for Testing applications 



Seminar Length 

2 days 

Seminar Outline 

1.     Introduction

  1. The Rational Unified Process
  2. The Role of Quality Assurance in the project lifecycle
  3. Level Setting
  4. “Inserting” the testing team into the project lifecycle
  5. Functional/Non-functional
  6. Black and White-box testing
  7. Cost of Quality

2.     Use Cases and Requirements

  1. What is a Use Case?
  2. Events
  3. Actors and Use Cases
  4. Use Case Diagram
  5. Use Case Specification
  6. Pathways: Main, Alternate and Exception
  7. Business Rules

3.     RUP and the Test Discipline

  1. Test Strategy
  2. Test Plan and Test Plan Template
  3. Test Case and Test Case Template
  4. Validating the Quality of Use Cases
  5. Designing Functional Tests from Use Cases
  6. Creating Test Scenario Matrices from Use Cases
  7. Creating Test Case Matrix from use Cases
  8. Creating the Test Case from the Test Case Matrix
  9. Identifying high-payback test cases
  10. Dangers in Creating Test Plans from Use Cases: What To Watch Out For.
  11. Mistakes in Test Case Design
  12. Equivalency Class analysis
  13. Boundary Class analysis

4.   Integrating the Test Team into Process

  1. How to more effectively sell your bugs to the developers
  2. Identifying ways to better understand the root cause of bugs and how some bugs can be made more noticeable with further research
  3. Decreasing the number of non-reproducible bugs

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