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Core Design Patterns and Frameworks

Core Design Patterns and Frameworks introduces attendees to the world of design patterns. These patterns are taken from the classic “Gang of Four” text, “Design Patterns”. The course will use class diagrams using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). There will also be code samples for each pattern to further reinforce the concepts. The code samples are in Java, however a background in any object-oriented language will be sufficient to understand the concepts.


Information Technology developers, designers, and architects. Architects. Attendees MUST have a background in object-oriented design concepts and prior exposure to an object-oriented language (e.g., C++, Java). Meet this requirement by attending the 3-day Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using the UML seminar.


Object-oriented analysis and design concepts.
Object-oriented language exposure (i.e., C++, Java)


2 or 3 days


1. Defining Design Patterns

  1. Defining design patterns
  2. Designing reusable classes is difficult
  3. What is a design pattern?
  4. What makes up a design pattern?
  5. Why use design patterns?
  6. The three types of design patterns
  7. Pattern scope

2. Creational Patterns

  1. Abstract Factory - (full)
  2. Factory Method - (full) 
  3. Singleton - (full)
  4. Builder - (brief)
  5. Prototype - (brief)

3. Structural Design Patterns

  1. Composite - (full)
  2. Adapter - (full)
  3. Proxy - (full)
  4. Bridge - (brief)
  5. Facade - (brief)
  6. Decorator - (brief)

4. Behavior Design Patterns

  1. Observer - (full)
  2. Strategy - (full)
  3. Iterator - (full)
  4. Visitor - (short)
  5. Interpreter - (short)
  6. Chain of Command - (short)
  7. Command - (short)
  8. Mediator - (short)
  9. State - (short)

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