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Paul R. Reed, Jr. President


Jackson-Reed, Inc. is an internationally known training and consulting organization. For our training, all courses are taught exclusively onsite, at your location. The benefit of this approach is reduced cost to the organization as well as the ability for the client to customize an offering of their own. Why take a public course that must appeal to everyone when you want to hear topics that are pertinent to your organization? Any of Jackson-Reed's courses may be combined. This can range from entire courses to sections from individual courses.

Some of the courseware used is also available for licensing by other training organizations.


Jackson-Reed, Inc. is a company that provides process, architecture, requirements gathering, and design consulting services. On-site services are provided to assist technical and management personnel in their transition to new distributed technologies. Emphasis is evenly placed on the advances in computing technology and the pragmatic issues surrounding the support of mission-critical information systems. Specific technical expertise in distributed technologies including, but not limited to are:

With clients on multiple continents, and extensive experience with domestic Fortune 500 companies, Jackson-Reed, Inc. has the skill-set, experience and knowledge base necessary to assist organizations in their migration to a distributed model.

Jackson-Reed, Inc. is an industry leader in the development and implementation of high-quality seminar material specifically targeted at the highly dynamic technology field. Our education professionals are available to assist your organization in their selection and delivery of custom, on-site, technical training programs. Jackson-Reed, Inc. seminars focus on your company's specific information systems issues and speak directly about the products that have been selected by your organization. Over 10,000 enlightened technology professionals have attended a Jackson-Reed, Inc. seminar.

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