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Developing Applications with Java and UML                   

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        Developing Applications with Java and UML

           Published by Addison-Wesley Pub Co; ISBN: 0201702525


Book Description
An essential resource for Java programmers who want to develop applications that are both resilient and robust, Developing Applications with Java and UML describes a proven development process for designing and implementing object-oriented client/server applications in Java using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Both the author's Synergy process and Rational Software's Unified Process are reviewed in the book.

Guided by his own experiences as a developer applying UML and Java, the author provides clear explanations of the fundamentals of UML. In particular, the author emphasizes those UML deliverables that are more heavily relied on resulting in a lean set of deliverables from the project lifecycle. In addition, the book incorporates information on developing Java applications utilizing Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, Java Beans and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB). A significant case study runs throughout the book, leading the reader through the lifecycle of a project-from requirements analysis to modeling and prototyping through finalizing the architecture and creating code. Through this study, the author demonstrates the design benefits of UML and shows how to translate the UML artifacts into Java code.

Because all software projects can't take advantage of commercial or open source application server products, the author provides two sets of solutions for the case study. One aspect of the solution uses the "Model 2" architecture of Servlets, Java Beans and Java Server Pages running inside of the open source Tomcat server provided by the Jakarta Project. Another aspect of the solution also uses the "Model 2" architecture but instead of Java Beans, uses Enterprise Java Beans. In the Enterprise Java Beans solution, both Bean Managed Persistence (BMP) and Container Managed Persistence (CMP) are presented. Use case controller classes are also introduced in the form of Java Beans in the non-EJB solution and Session EJBs in the Enterprise Java Beans solution. The relevance of traceability in both the UML artifacts and  resulting Java software is continually demonstrated.

Finally, the author demonstrates how the UML is still very applicable to lighter process models such as the popular eXtreme Programming (XP) and Agile Modeling efforts.

The author includes detailed coverage of the following topics:

* Uncovering the events for which an application must be responsible * Modeling use cases with UML * Using Rational Rose to manage UML artifacts * Translating the object-based UML class diagram to a relational design supported by SQL Server or Oracle * Transitioning from classes and use cases to the UML's dynamic models, the sequence and collaboration diagrams * Mapping UML to Java deliverables * Generating code from the UML class diagram * Transaction management both with and without a commercial application server product * Java Server Pages * Servlets * Enterprise Java Beans * Session EJBs * Entity EJBs

With the information and expert techniques presented in this book, readers can significantly enhance their Java programming skills as well as their overall understanding of how an effective development process impacts the quality of the final application.

About the Author
Paul R. Reed, Jr., is president of Jackson-Reed, Inc., a consulting firm that focuses on the implementation of object-oriented and distributed systems for clients in the United States and abroad. A frequent contributor to journals such as Database Programming and Design and DBMS, he has been an invited speaker at noted industry events, including DB/Expo, VBITS, and UML World. Mr. Reed also leads seminars on client/server development, Internet application development, and object-oriented analysis and design using the UML, Use Case Analysis, and Rational's Unified Process..

Paul holds an MBA in Finance from Seattle University and maintains the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designations from the American College. He is also a Fellow of the Life Management Institute (FLMI). He can be reached at

After downloading the Java code, review the readme.txt file located in the highest root to assist you in preparing your environment.

Update as of 12/30/01: well, it looks like I have finally beaten those Java DBMS dragons. As many of you know, I originally developed all the samples using the Cloudscape DBMS. Well, after IBM bought the product via their Informix purchase, the SDK is no longer free. Not wanting to deliver code and a DBMS that might not work one day, I solicited some advice from the Java community and thanks to a recommendation by Floyd Marinescu at, I have settled on HypersonicSQL. This is a 100% Java DBMS (read free!!!) that does not require that it be embedded in either an EJB container or in a Servlet container. It simply is started as a separate process prior to executing the code in the book. So, all the sample code, whether EJB or non-EJB works with HypersonicSQL. Just read the "readme.txt" file in the download you pick.

download the goodies Download non-EJB solution to run in a Servlet Container (i.e., Tomcat) - (540K)

download the goodies Download EJB solution to run in an EJB 2.0-compliant Container (i.e., Weblogic) - (756K)

download the goodies Download the Microsoft Project Project Plan for the Synergy Process, Rose Models, Use Case Template and much more from the book

"This isn't a sales pitch...but buying the book will make your use of the code a lot more meaningful" - Paul 

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